* 5.11.1728 Belgrade; + 17.3.1805, Klagenfurt

He was an Austrian theologian, philosopher and naturalist.

The son of Field Marshal Lieutenant Christian Friedrich von Wulfenwarr, he was born in Belgrade.

His first education was in Kaschau (then Hungary) and joined the Jesuit order in 1745.

He studied philosophy, mathematics and theology.

From 1755 he worked as a teacher.

In 1773 he devoted himself to scientific research, especially botany and mineralogy.

In 1799 and 1800, Wulfen was a participant in Prince-Bishop Salm’s expedition to the first ascent of the Grossglockner.

The Eastern Alps were his main research area,

In 1841, yellow lead ore was named Wulfenite in his honor.

Wulfen was a member of the Academies and Scientific Societies of Berlin, Erlangen, Jena, Göttingen, Klagenfurt and Stockholm.

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