Ankerite xx/Dolomite xx – Saualpe Carinthia

Difficult piece to describe as any comparisons are not really to be found.

We found this specimen in 2002 in the amphibolite quarry on the Terpetzen, SO Saualpe.

The determination was and is not easy. The leafy crystals and color indicate an iron mineral.


Ankereite or ferruginous dolomite the exact name depends on the iron content .mixed crystals from the carbonate series. The crystals sit on a very heavy brown ironstone. Similar pieces were also found in Hüttenberg, which is also located on the Saualpe, but further north and the iron deposits of this quarry are probably related to the ore deposits of Hüttenberg, where the famous Noric iron was mined over 2,000 years ago.

The crystals are highly lustrous and. exhibit a pearlescent and silky sheen. The color is brown-yellowish light orange.

Unique Level.

Weight: 2.4 kilogram

Dim.: 23 x 14 x 7 cm

The last picture is the bottom.

The first 3 photos are indoor – rest sunlight.



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