TOP Rock Crystal xx – High Alpine

Found during the construction of the road to the Kölnbreinsperre – the highest dam in the eastern Alps (dam height = 200 meters). This dam collects the water from the surrounding 3,000-meter peaks into a riefligen – kilometer-long reservoir ( water capacity at full dam = 200 million m3).

You should definitely visit once in summer – you can drive by car via a toll road – all the way to the top. The surrounding mountains of more than 3,000 metres with their glaciers, e.g. the “Tauern Queen” HOCHALMSPITZE (3,360 m) and the ANKOGEL (3,252 m), form an impressive backdrop. Hiking trails from the parking lot along the reservoir and into the high mountains – an unforgettable experience.

Very nice rock crystal specimen with undamaged end faces.

Weight: 440g Dimensions: 11.5 x 11 x 7 cm


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