Large specimen Wulfenite xx Bleiberg

Pieces like this are NOT available on the market anymore .

With a little luck you can see a small specimen of original Bleiberg Wulfenit now and then


Wulfenite – with honey-yellow crystals typical for Bleiberg and black galena=Galena on weathered limestone

Bleiberg in Carinthia is the typolocality for Wulfenite


Wulfenite – Pb(MoO4) – alsoknown as yellow lead ore

In a nutshell:

Bleiberg/Kreuth – mining since the 14th century. The first documented mining of lead ores dates back to 1333.

Mining of ores in tunnels and shafts with a total length of 1,300 kilometres.

In 1785 Franz Xaver Freiher von Wulfen described this yellow lead ore for the first time as “K√§rntner Bleyspath” – later the mineral was named after Wulfen.

Mining was stopped over 30 years ago – new finds therefore impossible!!!

This gem was recovered in the 1970s

Grube Stefanie – 13.run – Konradi – Bleiberg/Kreuth – Carinthia – Austria

Weight: 3.72 kilogram

Dim.: 17 x 15 x 11 cm



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