Black GLASS HEAD - Fichtelgebirge

The IRON MINERAL hematite can be found in different forms.depending on the appearance there are different names.e.g. Red and Black GLASS HEAD = red or black iron ore with glass-headed, grape-like aggregates. BLUTSTEIN is a dense red iron variety – however, the BLUTSTEIN necklaces and stones offered in the trade today are for the most part not hematite but made from an iron sinter product or from a magnetite iron deposit from Brazil.

You can easily check the authenticity with a simple compass or with a magnet – real BLOODSTONE is NEVER MAGNETIC. But the majority of the offered “bloodstone jewelry” is!

This old specimen originates from the ARZBERG in the Fichtelgebirge ( hematite CONSTRUCTION since the year 1.300 ) in BAVARIA.

Weight: 670 g Dimensions: 13 x 8 x 6 cm


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