Black TOURMALINE – Koralpe

Black TURMALINE in old crystalline MARBLE.

Cross-section through a typical PEGMATIT from the KORALPE in East Carinthia.

The piece was cut on all sides (not polished) in order to see inside how the TURMALINE and the silvery shining MUSCOVIT are distributed in the PEGMATIT.

PEGMATITE are a special MAGMA that penetrates deep into the earth’s crust in cracks and crevices and then solidifies when it cools to approx. 450 degrees.

PEGMATITE consist of quartz, FELDSPäTEN, GLIMMER, etc. and again and again in these PEGMATITES are TOPAZ, SMOKE QUARTZ, TURMALINE, BERYLLE ….

Location. Großer SPEIKKOGEL – KORALPE – Carinthia

Weight: 430 g Dimensions: 9 x 7 x 2.5 cm


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