Display Specimen – First Class Mookait

Over 1 MILLION years old

Only site worldwide in Western Australia

MOOKAIT – the name comes from the place where it was found – Mooka Creek. For the Aborigines it means “flowing water”, which refers to the many freshwater springs.

Mookaite is HORNSTONE, OPALITH and CHALCEDON and/or a combination thereof.

The great colors come from radiolarians and the different silica contents in the multicolored chalcedony.

Location: Kennedy Ranges – Gascoyne Junction – 600 miles north of Perth – Western Australia

Weight: 3.6 kilogram

Dim.: Height 19 cm Width 18 cm Depth 9 cm

Very Decorative – Great eye-catcher for a modern living room or office etc….

Also an exquisite gift for important people who otherwise already have everything.

Of course we deliver exactly THIS piece with detailed information about the stone and the place where it was found.


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