Hawkeye - ROH

Hawk’s eye = fine fibrous quartz AGGREGATE with blue-grey colour.

Partial pseudomorphic transformation of an asbestos mineral u.zw. KROKYDOLITH, by retaining the stem-like structure, in quartz.

With cut stones the famous ” CAT’S EYE EFFECT” is created.

The much better known tiger’s eye is formed from hawk’s eye by the incorporation of LIMONITE = second-grade IRON.

In our raw material you can partly recognize both varieties, i.e. hawk’s eye and tiger’s eye.

Location: Transvaal Supergroup – Bandet Iron Mine

Northern Cape – SOUTH AFRICA

Weight: 0.83 kilogram Dimensions: 10 x 8 x 6 cm

You will find further pieces from this lot in the category : RAWWARE NATURE


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