INDOOR Photos.

But something SPECIAL : We still have some big FIRE STONE tubers – decapitated like a breakfast egg. The results are incredible DEKO pieces.

You could also slice the tuber to see what patterns and colors are left inside. But then the new owner can decide that for himself. We offer this incredible FIRESTONE tuber as you can see it on the photos – the big tuber and the small ” lid”.

You find the exact FIRE STONE description in the category – RAWWARE NATURE at Art.: RO102, in this category you find other great FIRE STONES from Madagascar

The raw material is found in NORD Madagascar and elsewhere. MAHAJUNGA

Weight: total 5.00 kilogram Dimensions: 20 x 17 x 12 cm

The last photo shows the tuber with lid . Due to the artificial light when photographing the red tones are a bit dominant, in daylight the base color is a bit more light brownish .


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