HÜBNERIT xx – top mineral grade


HüBNERIT is a rare WOLFRAM MINERAL and in this size and quality a TOPRARITY – we have not seen any comparable pieces.

Collectors looking for exceptional pieces should consider buying – such excellent HüBNERIT STUFEN – are normally NOT UNDER 3.000 Euro to get, if at all.

Magnificent optics with an unbelievable high gloss – undamaged end faces, the HüBNERIT crystals are on translucent edges and surfaces INTENSIVE RED!

The HüBNERIT crystal clusters are associated with clear MOUNTAIN CRYSTALS.

RARE – NOBLE – PERFECT If you can afford to buy it, these levels will be worth a lot more in a few years!

Place of discovery: Pachapaqui – Pasta Bueno – Ancash – Andes – Peru

1.4 kilograms heavy .

: Height: 13 cm Width: 11 cm


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