LARIMAR is the bluish variety of the mineral PEKTOLITH.

PEKTOLITH is actually nothing special – a sodium silicate with a hardness of 4.5 – 5

In DomRep. there is a variety which is partly coloured blue by iron ions – and this is something that is not found elsewhere.

The esoteric name ” ATLANTIS STONE ” gives this mineral something mystical – in addition still some miraculous ” healing forces ” – that makes the REAL LARIMAR then relatively expensive.

In the meantime there is of course a lot of cheap “Larimar jewellery” from Chinese production – mostly dyed quartz!

Weight of this piece is 123 grams . this good quality costs meanwhile already over 2 dollars the gram ! at the mine !

Dimmension: 6 x 5 x 2 cm


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