"Lemons - CHRYSOPRAS" Australia

Under the fancy name “LEMON CHRYSOPRAS”, a mineral is offered especially on the jewelry and esoteric market that, due to its name, pretends to be a CHRYSOPRAS – unfortunately not!

CHRYSOPRAS is very rarely available in good quality and is therefore relatively expensive. CHRYSORAS is the noblest representative of the CHALCEDONE.

“Lemons or Lemon Chrysoprase”, on the other hand, is a MAGNESITE colored yellow to green-yellow by NICKEL. Compared to real CHRYSOPRAS, this MAGNESITE has a significantly lower Mohs hardness and is not transparent.

Still a very interesting mineral found in the Eastern Goldfield Area in Western Australia.

Weight of our last piece – with one-sided cutting area is 240 g

Dimensions: 8 x 6 x 5 cm


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