Mangano CALCIT xx with PYRIT xx

Spectacular large stage – Great decoration

Large MANGANO CALCITE with sharp-edged end faces and a sensational ” crown ” of countless, highly lustrous PYRITE crystals. PYRITE are also distributed over and over on the back.

We are sorry to have to repeat ourselves, but such large mineral specimens are virtually unavailable on the market today. Also this step comes from an old find from the year 1977.

The value of this level is much higher, but we pass on our really good purchase prices to the customers . In the Eldorado of mineral collectors in the USA such a specimen is not available for less than 2,000 dollars.

Pachapaqui – Ancash Department – PERU

Weight: 6.9 kilogram


27 x 20 x 14 cm

Picture 4 is the back side. At the bottom are many small rock crystal xx

Intensive colours in UV light with MANGANO CALCIT !


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