THE REAL JADE includes ONLY the minerals JADEIT and NEPHRIT.

In the jewelry area in particular, there are very many stones that are offered as “JADE”, but have nothing to do with REAL JADE. For example, China Jade is only the mineral SERPENTINE, Transvaal Jade is GROSSULAR, Siberian JADE is just an artificial product and and and ……..

Fine-fiber ACTINOLITH in grinding quality is a mineral that is one of REAL JADE – hard and tough, mostly green with black dots, but black colors are also possible. This JADE mineral is called: NEPHRITE.

Locations of grindable NEPHRITE are e.g. New Zealand (New Zealand JADE), Russia (Ural) or CANADA (British Columbia)

This raw piece – cut on two sides, not polished – photographed wet.

Location: Cassair Mine – British Columbia – CANADA

Weight: 510 g Dimensions: 15 x 6 x 3 cm


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