To the internationally recognized JADE VARIETIES count ONLY the minerals NEPHRITE and JADEIT.Especially in the jewelry trade are sold masses of stones and necklaces from so-called CHINA JADE or NEW JADE, but that is always only cheap SERPENTINE.In addition still PRASEM is offered as “African Jade” or rough Grossular as “Transvaal Jade”, but there are also still JADENACHAHMUNGEN from colored Chalcedon, a Serpentine stone and also an art product with name “Siberian Jade” – unfortunately the today’s stone market is contaminated with wrongly declared stones, fakes or colored and treated – “precious stones”.

NEPHRIT is a finely fibrous, densely felted AKTINOLITH – hard and tough. The color varies from light to dark green to black.

This rough stone comes from the Cassiar Mine in British Columbia – West – CANADA

Weight: 2.70 kilogram Dimensions: 15 x 15 x 10 cm


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