RUTIL xx in quartz – SAUALPE

Very beautiful RUTIL crystal in quartz

RUTIL – TITANOXYD in relatively large crystals was found again and again also on the SAUALPE in Ostärnten. On the Ladinger Spitze, the highest elevation of the SAUALPEN complex (over 2,000 m) in the direction of Wolfsberg, one can still see many shattered quartz blocks. Here the coveted Saualpen RUTILE were searched for .

Looks optically at first sight like a GRANAT crystal, is however with closer view METALLIC and not like garnet typically, edge-translucent.

First class example from an old collection.

Weight: 610 g Dimensions: 11 x 8 x 5 cm RUTIL- KRISTALL is almost 2 cm


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