SUGILITH rough stone

SUGILITH is a relatively rare mineral that is currently only available from the WESSELS mine in KURUMAN – South Africa.

SUGILITH – the name derives from the first finder, Dr. Ken i Sugi a Japanese who first found this mineral in 1944 at FUJIJAMA in Japan.

Especially in the large manganese mines of Kuruman, SUGILITH is repeatedly found in the fault zones of the manganese ore bodies, with the color ranging from light to dark purple and in some pieces even steel blue. The black parts are MANGANERZ and the brown parts are the rare mineral FERRO BUSTAMITE.

The SUGILITH has a special place in the so-called “stone healing” – why ?? that is not our topic, we are dealing with mineralogical facts.

Weight: 141 g Dimensions: 10 x 7 x 2.5 cm


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