SUGILITH is a relatively hard silicate mineral with varying proportions of manganese,lithium, aluminum and iron.Especially in the “Esoterk” the stone is considered an extraordinary “healing stone” and different stories are always spread. e.g. there is no more SUGILITH, the mine is under water …. etc. All nonsense. The Wessels Mine is a huge open pit mine on MANGANERZ in Kuruman Manganese Fields in South Africa. In the sturgeon and oxidation zones of the manganese body, various other minerals can be found, such as RHODOCHROSITE , RHODONITE … and also SUGILITH. A geologist of the mine reported that often days up to 100,000 dollars gems go into the crushers, because the mine operators have no time to sort out the stones, the manganese ore is much more important and the SUGILITHE are only incidentally, in mine areas where is not mined, practically in the spare time, recovered.

SUGILITH was found for the first time by the Japanese Dr. SUGI in the year 1944 at the Fujijama, after him the mineral is named. by the way: there are also completely BLUE SUGILITHE, but the predominant color is mangenta – purple. Rough stones, also with a lot of black manganese are cheaper – transparent qualities with good colour are unfortunately relatively expensive. The appearing brown parts are FERROBUSTAMITE – a rare mineral that is almost only found in the Wessels Mine.

Weight : 36,5 g Dimensions : 4,5 x 3,5 x 2 cm


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