SUGILITH - South Africa

SUGILITH rough stone from the WESSELS MINE – Kuruman Manganese Fields – SOUTH AFRICA

SUGLILITH – name after Dr. Ken – ichi SUGI who discovered this mineral for the first time in 1944 in the southwest of Japan.

Today, SUGILITH is found almost exclusively at the WESSELS Mine, in fault zones of the manganese ores that are primarily mined at that mine. A local geologist reported that countless SUGILITHE and other minerals, even gemstones, end up in the crushers of the ore processing plant every day and are crushed, as recovering the pieces would only slow down the mining operation.

Especially in the esoteric circles, this PEKTOLITH mineral is said to have extraordinary and wonderful “healing effects” – no idea why? but – faith literally moves mountains .

The black parts in the stones are manganese ore and the occasionally appearing brown parts are FERROBUSTAMITE (rare mineral!).

Clear stones are with CHALCEDON – dark violet tones are in demand – but there are also blue SUGILITHE and rarely small SUGILITH crystals with great magenta colors .

Weight of this rough stone is 236 g

Dimensions: 6.5 x 4 x 5 cm

Very good purple with black manganese ore, unpolished cut surface.


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