One of the BEST and BIGGEST – HÜBNERIT steps we have ever seen.

HÜBNERIT – name after a German mining engineer

Very rare WOLFRAM – mineral with the chemical formula : Mn2+WO4

Very grofle crystals with end faces – unbelievable HIGH SHINE ( is not to be reproduced real in the photos) black, on edges and faces translucent intense red.

These excellent steps had been forgotten in the back corner of a warehouse in the last few years and were fortunately “found again” by us.

You can search all pages of providers on the Internet – you will NOT find something like this guaranteed !

We own at the moment 2 absolute top specimens and some smaller specimens with first class crystals of this mineral, so we are probably the only ones who can offer HÜBNERITE of this quality !

Weight of this stage: 1.6 kilogram

Height: 14 cm Width: 10 cm Depth: 9 cm

Aesthetically beautiful, noble , rare. The highlight in a collector’s showcase .

The HÜBNERIT crystals sit in a BERGKRISTALL cluster with many XX , also with end faces.

Place of discovery: Pasto Bueno – Ancash Department – PERU

Photos: 1 photo shows the steps backside – 2 photos with background – artificial light the rest normal daylight.

These HÜBNERITE were found in the 1970s, since then there is nothing comparable.



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