WULFENIT xx from the type locality

Normally, Bleiberger Wulfenite, even for large specialty stores as good as not available. We ourselves had now for years no piece in the offer. Collectors, especially from abroad, who were looking for the most famous mineral of Austria, we had to send directly to Bleiberg, where some private sellers still sell pieces. Only, comparable levels – you do not get under 1,000, – Euro!

From the estate of a mining engineer, we have been able to acquire several WULFENIT stages from the former mining industry, of which a few are still for sale.

Take the opportunity you will probably no longer get Bleiberger WULFENITE anywhere else !

WULFENITE was first described by the naturalist Baron Freiher von WULFEN in 1783 as Carinthian BLEYSPAT – later the mineral was named after WULFEN.

BLEIBERG is the TYPLOKALITY, already therefore halfway good material is to be had unfortunately also not cheaply. Besides the mining is stopped for 20 years – new finds therefore no more possible.

This relatively large WULFENIT specimen with very nice yellow XX comes from the

Pit Stefanie – BLEIBERG / KREUTH

Stage weight: 906 grams (0.90 kg)

Dimmension: 21 x 9 x 7 cm


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