The Kupplerbrunn is a spring on the Saualpe in Carinthia in the municipality of Eberstein.

Who knows, for example, that there used to be a fountain at the foot of the Saualm where people from all over the Görtschitztal valley and far beyond would gather once a year to get married? Nowadays you would call it hanging out together. In those days, people met at the Kupperlbrunn to look for brides, and in large numbers if you believe the reports of older people. A few years ago, a stone fountain was erected right next to the road to commemorate these times, when bridal showers took place without cell phones or text messages. An eclogite, a type of rock that can only be found in this form and frequency in the Görtschitztal and Saualpe valleys, was carved into a pair of lovers, giving the new Kupplerbrunn its dignified shape. Incidentally, the Kupplerbrunn is only a few hundred meters away from the Toten Hengstofen.

This is the type locality of eclogite, which was discovered here on the Saualpe in 1801 by Sigismund von Hohenwart and Baron von ZOIS.