Sigmund Zois von Edelstein

November 1747 Trieste; † November 10, 1819 Ljubljana

Based on his geological knowledge, Zois intervened in the dispute between Neptunists and Vulcanists. They disagreed about the formation of mountains.

Using fossils he found, he proved that the Triglav is made up of limestone formed from marine sediments,

His mineral collection became the cornerstone of the Carniolan Regional Museum in Ljubljana, which was founded in 1821 and officially opened in 1831; today the collection can be seen in the Natural History Museum of Slovenia.

Around the turn of the century (1805), Zois sent two mineral prospectors to the Saualpe. The Saualpite named by him was later called Zoisite in his honor.

in the neighboring Duchy of Carinthia; Simon Prešern brought the previously unknown mineral called saualpite by Zois to him from there in 1805; it was later called zoisite in Zois' honor.

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